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Pressto introduces its new web

The chain continues its renovation process to adapt to the new times and new consumption behavior. A new phone app has also been launched to become the very first virtual dry cleaner’s.

The chain is aware of how important is to be continually innovating, to be adapting to modern society and to the new consumption behavior. Accordingly a new web has been designed which intend to be mainly orientated to final client, to people that visit stores; but leaving also a space for entrepreneur that want to set their franchise business. is a modern web site where customer service is highly taken care.  One of the outstanding elements on the home page is the home delivery service that it will shortly be available all around Spain and will make Pressto the first company that offers this nationwide service.  As well as this, new image of chain has been introduced together with the shopping experience that Pressto can achieved in the stores.

The chain wants customers to find out how is the cleaning process that their clothes will follow, and therefore, all the stages garments will go through until they are delivered, have been described:  reception (with customized advice, thanks to the exclusive training that Pressto staff have) and sorting; spotting; cleaning; the exclusive quality control; pressing and finishing and finally, bagging.

For the last 18 years Pressto hasn’t stopped innovating in order to improve and offer wider range of services. This is the case of wet cleaning, a cleaning method which uses water as solvent. Detergents, washers with specific programs and driers are used for wet cleaning. Thanks to this method garments that could only be dry cleaned in the past can now be washed. “Results are fully satisfactory and besides this it is very ecologic” say the company.

Pressto wants to connect directly with current and future customers and to do so, on this new web page it is rediscovered the wide range of services that are available apart from the simple cleaning and laundry services: garments with beading, motorbike helmets and sport shoes, repair and alteration of shoes, garment alteration, etc… services that make Pressto a business that customers can use everyday.

Among these services there is one that notably stands out, this is laundry and pressing, offering weekly laundry for the washing of all your garments either in the store or as home delivery. is the result of this continuous research and innovation, an optimized web for mobile phones that will make Pressto become the very first virtual dry cleaner’s. With just a click, customer will access all services. With just one click, as well as locating the nearest store and making a direct call, customers will be able to access all laundry services, alteration and home delivery service in the location they prefer (address, work place…)  and with the easier method of payment (cash or credit card). “Time is precious for people and we want them to enjoy their time, this is the reason for this application. It is a simple process, as easy as sending an email”, it is commented from marketing department.

It is so simple that this application can be accessed from any  Smartphone with the name

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