Pressto celebra su III Convención Internacional

Pressto held it Third International Convention

The chain has gathered in Madrid its Master Franchisees to introduce latest innovations.

Spanish company Pressto has always gone for international expansion and, especially in the recent years. It has extended its business concept over 21 countries and it has just celebrated its Third International Convention, bringing together representatives of 8 different countries (Panama, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Qatar, Mexico and Spain), with presence in 10 different markets (the mentioned countries and United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia).

The main goals of the meetings have been, on one hand, to introduce the latest innovations that the chain has been developing in Spain over the last few months, so a better and greater number of services can be offered to customers; and, on the other hand, to give Master Franchisees the chance to share between then and Central Spain their own experiences and special feature of each country, so the knowhow of the company can become globally unified.

One of the main points covered all these days was the own Pressto business concept.  Sector has been analyzed, its current situation and the way necessities of customers has changed. A new line of action has been designed. First step has already been taken in Spain: radically change the corporative image, adjusting to new times and reminding customers the wide range of services that the chain can offer as well as a new webpage, much trendier and accessible.

In order to keep offering the best service, cleaning processes and methods have also to be updated. Therefore the new pressing and finishing machinery has been introduced to all Masters, this machinery will substantially increase production, offering customers a perfect finishing; as well as Wet Cleaning system, which make it possible to wash garments that could only be dry cleaned in the past. Latest advances in how to clean motorbike helmets, shoes and leather bags have been made known. The idea that kept repeating at the different Conventions and Fairs is that customer has to be listened, understand necessities and make them see that this is not an elitist business, that can be affordable to everybody and it is needed more often than one might think.

During these days Master Franchisees with over 10 years of experience (Colombia) have met others that have just started the business (Nigeria). For this reason, another important topic on the Convention was how to deal with the Expansion process in the different markets, growing phases and how a net can be properly managed.

Finally, marketing actions have been another pillar the Convection has been based on. Latest results on current sector tendency have been presented and Master Franchisees have been guided how to segment properly in order to create an effective marketing plan. Over the talks technology has also been present, such as mobile applications to manage home delivery service o social networks as a platform to manage customer service.

Basically, it has been an intense week, where all Master Franchisees have been satisfied and have gone back to their countries looking forward to put on practice everything they have learned.


Asistentes a la Convención

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